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Vacancy Board

Section 407 of the PA Second Class Township Code outlines the process and procedures for appointing Township citizens to vacancies that may occur in the various elected offices serving the Township.  If the electors of West Hanover Township fail to choose a supervisor, tax collector or auditor, or if any person elected to any office fails to serve in the office or if a vacancy occurs in the office by death, resignation, removal from the township or otherwise, the Board of Supervisors may appoint a successor who is an elector of the township and has resided in that township continuously for at least one year prior to their appointment, and, upon their failure to make the appointment within thirty (30) days after the vacancy occurs, the vacancy shall be filled within fifteen additional days by the Vacancy Board. 

The Vacancy Board consist of the board of supervisors and one elector of the township, who is appointed by the Supervisors at the board's organizational meeting each calendar year or as soon after that as practical.  As per the PA Second Class Township Code, the individual appointed shall act as the chairman of the vacancy board and shall proceed through the appointment process


Vacancy Board

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