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Gamble Township Government

PENNSYLVANIA TOWNSHIPS ~~ fall in one of two classes. The first numbers 91 and includes the more urban townships located in the state's metropolitan areas; the second class, number 1,457, is generally rural. In townships of the first class, the governing body is made up of elected commissioners. There are either five commissioners elected at-large or up to 15 elected by wards. The commissioners have four-year overlapping terms.

The governing body of second class townships is composed of three supervisors who are elected at-large. Two additional supervisors may be elected if approved by referendum. All are elected at-large for six-year terms. Gamble Township falls into the second class category.

Other elected officials include the tax assessors, tax collector (second class), three auditors or controller. Appointed officers include the secretary, engineer, solicitor and others.

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Gamble Township, Lycoming County
17 Beech Valley Road ~ Trout Run, PA  17771
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