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The Township Zoning Ordinance is enforced by the County Zoning Officer

If the applicant's (a developer or builder) project specifications meet the requirements of the zoning ordinance, as the zoning officer understands them, the application is normally approved.  If the zoning provisions are not met, the application is denied.  A zoning officer is not vested with a wide range of discretionary power to waive requirements or to tighten the ordinance to protect some perceived public need. 

The PA Municipalities Planning Code, Section 614 states that "The zoning officer shall administer the zoning ordinance in accordance with its literal terms, and shall not have the power to permit any construction or any use or change of use which does not conform to the zoning ordinance.”  If the applicant or a concerned property owner disagrees with the zoning officer’s determination, the remedy exists to appeal the determination to the Township's Zoning Hearing Board.  The County Zoning Officer oversees and administers and makes determinations on all zoning permits on behalf of Gamble Township.

Building Permits: The township is an "Opt Out" municipality under the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC). After obtaining a Zoning Permit, residents may choose any State Certified third party agency to obtain a Building Permit and to conduct UCC Code inspections that are required by PA State Law.  Certified Third party agencies hired by property owners (or their contractors) enforce the residential requirements of the UCC in all Opt-Out municipalities and only applies to single and two family dwellings/residence.  All commercial Building Permits must be obtained from PA Department of Labor and Industry.

A Zoning Permit is NOT A BUILDING PERMIT.  You are still required to obtain a building permit from a state certified third party agency.  The Zoning Officer doe not issue Building Permits.    the Third Party agency issuing the building permit will also issue a certificate of Use and Occupancy upon completion of final inspections.

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